Zach + Paige

Hey y’all! It has been a minute since I’ve taken the time to share in this space. 2019 has been full of amazing weddings and even more amazing couples. One of those weddings happened to be for our sweet friends Zach and Paige. We had the privilege of being invited to go to Ann Arbor, Michigan to capture their day. Neither of us had ever been to Michigan so it was exciting to travel to a new place.

The night before the wedding a big storm rolled through and knocked out power all across town. The wedding venue being one of the storms victims leaving the venue with no AC. The high for that day was in the high 90’s and getting ready for your wedding with no AC was just not going to work. Thankfully, everyone switched gears gracefully and the bride had a new getting ready location in no time. Once the power and AC were back up we headed to the venue to begin the sweetest evening. Zach and Paige opted for a first look which we are always a big fan of. They were able to share a quiet moment before the ceremony and we were able to get great footage of them and the bridal party before it got really busy. Win, win!

It was evident by the speeches that evening how perfect Zach and Paige are for each other and we can’t wait to see where they go in this new season of life! Congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. Zach Brown!

P.s. how cute is their shoe choice?!

Watch their highlights here >>>>>>>>>